Traveling Trunks

Program temporarily on hold. Please contact museum staff for more information.

The Florida Maritime Museum currently offers two engaging educational outreach programs in the form of traveling trunks. These programs are developed with a focus on Florida’s maritime history and an eye towards current standards and can be modified as needed to suit grades 4 through 12.

These standards-based programs include a pre-visit worksheet, a visit from FMM Staff, and use of a traveling trunk.


Marine Archaeologymarine-archeology-trunk

This program covers the entire process of researching, locating, excavating and preserving a shipwreck and the artifacts from it. Depending on the age group targeted, it can range from a fun hands on activity that will help build basic spatial orientation skills and pattern recognition to an in depth project spanning 2-3 weeks and involving actual research, information and database management. In either case, students learn about marine archaeology, why it is important, and a brief experiential overview of how the process works, start to finish.



celestial-navigation-trunkCelestial Navigation

This program focuses on using the sun and the stars to find your way across a faceless sea and how that, in conjunction with coastal navigation, was used  by the original explorers to cross oceans and repeatedly find safe harbors. It covers math, geometry, and earth/space science and outlines the development of celestial navigation tools from the simplest tool to the modern sextant. Students get to learn by practical application, making their own device that can actually be used at night to find their latitude.


I loved the real world applications of math and the challenges that students had to solve. Getting students to think while having fun is the key. This project does that!”