School and Group Tours:

Are you interested in scheduling a tour of FMM? Please keep in mind that we have a limited ability to accommodate large groups. However, tours of the museum, grounds and the Village of Cortez are available by appointment. For more information, call the museum at (941) 708-6120.

Off-site Lectures:

FMM staff may be available to lecture at your local library or group meeting! There is no required honorarium, but donations are always appreciated. Check out the menu of subjects below and call (941) 708-6120 for more information.

The Calusa
Cats at Sea: Stories and Superstitions
Civil War Blockade Runners, Privateers, and Commerce Raiders
Florida in the American Revolution
Florida’s Early Colonists 1500-1599
Food at Sea: Preservation and Preparation
History of Boatbuilding
History of Celestial Navigation
History of Smuggling in Florida 1700-1933
How Stephen Mallory Saved the Whales: Confederate Commerce Raiders in the Civil War
An Introduction to the Florida Maritime Museum
Marine Archeology
Privateers in Florida