Folk School

Folk School

The Folk School at SONY DSCFlorida Maritime Museum supports the mission of the Florida Maritime Museum to collect, preserve, and share traditional knowledge, cultural artifacts, and personal stories specific to Florida’s fishing and maritime heritage.

The Folk School is a “school for life.” With a focus on providing a supportive environment, the Folk School provides a place where anyonecan come to learn skills that will give our community a sense of pride and dignity in themselves and our local culture.

Why a folk school? The folk skills and heritage crafts of Cortez Fishing Village, and early communities throughout Florida, are at risk of being lost. As geographic distance between families continues to grow, new ways of passing on information need to emerge.

People are craving a connection to the past. The fast pace of development and technology has left people with a longing for moments of simplicity and nostalgia. Studies have shown that learning about the past creates a stronger sense of connection to a place, thus helping new-comers or visitors relate more personally to the area.

We offer a myriad of folk-related experiences that enable immersion in hand-made crafts, story-telling, writing, and other traditional skills such as quilting, canning, candle-making, soap-making, woodcrafting, boat building, shell craft classes, skin-on-frame kayak building classes, kids crafts and numerous other offerings to meet the needs of our residents and visitors. These classes will also provide the opportunity for visitors to build shared memories around common interests, further knitting community ties and a  sense of place.

Our programs are offered year-round, with courses tailored to the interests of adults and youth of all ages. Affordable pricing options will options will be available for members, groups, and individuals. We hope to see you soon!

Classes are currently offered in Net Mending, Fish Filleting, Memoir Writing, Preserving Family Photos and so many more!

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