Featured Guests

Past performers:

Tom Kastle

Tom Kastle is a singer, songwriter, sailor and teller of tales. He has one foot in the modTom Kastle ern world, and the other planted in the traditional maritime realm as a shanty singer and a tall ship captain. These songs were sung while doing massively heavy work like hoisting sail and raising an anchor. They were used for rowing a boat, telling a joke, or letting off a little steam when times got tough.

 Bill Schustik

Bill SchustikBill Schustik travels all over America gathering songs and sowing legends. The tools of his trade include a magnificent baritone voice, a keen sense of drama, and a deep love of traditional American lore. All this, and an overwhelming desire to follow a dream has resulted in 25 years of accomplishment and adventure. As an American troubadour, Bill’s performances have carried him from the heeling deck of a salt sailing square-rigger, through a record setting ’round the world tour in 46 hours, to a command performance at the White House.